Urgent: With your help, opportunity to advance wind energy policy!

We’ve seen a lot of attacks on wind energy so far this year – opponents spreading misinformation, and Congressmen introducing a bill that specifically sets out to eliminate the common-sense policies that help our families gain access to clean, homegrown, affordable energy.

Today, YOU can help turn this around. The Senate Finance Committee is expected to craft a tax policy bill next week. Please write to and/or call your Senator’s office today and deliver a simple message:

“I understand that the Senate Finance Committee will soon be working on a tax incentives bill. I urge the Senator to speak with Chairman Hatch, and ask him to extend the renewable energy tax policies – without any changes – for as long as the other incentives are extended.”



Time is of the essence – once this bill is written, it will be very hard to change it. We need to weigh in and urge that it get done right the first time.

Here’s some more information about this bill: The Senate Finance Committee is expected to craft a bill that extends tax credits that have expired or are set to expire at the end of this year. The renewable energy production and investment tax credits (PTC and ITC) are two of those provisions.

The extension of these credits matters to all of us. Without them, the great momentum we have under way in wind energy – a near record amount of wind under construction today – will come to a near halt, like we’ve seen before when Congress failed to extend these policies. By speaking up, you will let your Senator know that you care about gaining access to clean, homegrown, affordable power for your family and many, many others.

A key member of the Finance Committee, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, wrote a letter to his colleagues the other day, saying, “I want to express my strong support for including a fair and equitable extension of the wind production tax credit in the Chairman’s Mark.”

I hope that you can echo this support. Help us prove to the Senators that there are more people in America who can rally behind Senator Grassley’s sentiment than that of our opponents.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to express your support!

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