Tax package includes renewable energy credits

I'm happy to report today that the broad tax package now pending in Congress includes a one-year extension of the Section 1603 provision for renewable energy tax credits, which otherwise will expire December 31.

Readers can find detailed coverage in North American Windpower and BrighterEnergy, among many other outlets and publications. As AWEA CEO Denise Bode points out, while it's been a great achievement to get the credits included in the package, several steps and more work remain before the extension becomes a reality.

Even so, we'd like to pause for a moment and extend our heartfelt thanks to those in Congress, AWEA member companies, our political allies across the spectrum, and our many supporters among the general public who helped us get this far. We are deeply grateful for, and inspired by, the outpouring of support that has come our way since it became clear earlier this week that the credits were not included in the initial tax proposal. Thanks so much.

We'll be in touch with you during the next several days as the fate of the tax plan is sorted out, so please stay tuned in case another urgent call to action comes your way. And if you have not already done so, please contact your Representative and Senators through and let them know that America's competitiveness in clean, renewable energy is at stake and you will be watching and waiting for the outcome.

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