Stand Up for Wind in Washington

Washington State currently has a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) in place that calls on the state’s utilities to use an increasing amount of electricity from new renewable resources, culminating in a modest 15% by 2020.
Washington utilities are already meeting the current standard with minimal impact on electric rates.  This standard has already helped achieve $8 billion of new capital investment in Washington.  As Governor Inslee said recently, “…Our state is a forward looking state. We don't go backwards in our state; we're not going to go backwards on clean energy.”
There are many bills this session that seek to undermine I-937. One in particular weakens the standard by including coal as a renewable resource: SB 5297Take action today to support the will of Washington voters and say NO to rollbacks and NO TO COAL being called renewable.

Tell them that the state RPS policy is driving clean, homegrown, affordable wind power in Washington and you don’t want to see that progress derailed.  We have created a template e-mail for you, but encourage you to personalize it and use your own words to stand up for renewables and the will of Washington Voters.

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