Republican Governor: God has blessed our state with wind energy resource

By growing wind farms in the Sunflower State, Kansas has attracted $7 billion dollars in capital investment to its state economy. This has primarily benefited rural communities around the state, allowing Kansas farmers and ranchers to expand their businesses or send their kids to college. Plus, building wind farms and manufacturing the parts and supplies that go into wind turbines has created 6,000 well-paying jobs.

That’s why Kansas Republican Gov. Sam Brownback took time to praise wind energy this week, posting an audio recording on the governor office’s official webpage. Here’s a transcript of his praises:

Gov Brownback, photo by Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

“Kansas is blessed with tremendous natural resources, from our fertile soil to the oil that lies beneath it. The Kansas economy has long thrived thanks to the natural gifts given to our land. As the global economy changes our energy markets change with it. Kansas has adapted and is on the cutting edge of the American renewable energy revolution.”

“My administration supports an all of the above energy policy to keep energy affordable for Kansans. The bulk of our new renewable energy has come from wind. Kansas has worked hard to encourage the development of wind energy to help power homes, businesses, and industry across the Midwest.”

“During my time in office Kansas total wind electricity production has tripled. In 2013, Kansas led the nation in new development of wind energy in three of four quarters. For 2016 we have a tremendous amount of new wind energy coming online. Wind energy now makes up about 24 percent of the state’s total energy pool. And thanks to this rapid expansion Kansas reached its goal of 20 percent of all energy coming from wind five years ahead of schedule and we did it without the government mandating it. Kansas currently ranks fifth in the nation in total wind energy production and we’re on pace to improve to third in the nation by the end of next year.”

“God has truly blessed Kansas with tremendous natural resources, including the wind. Thanks to wind energy Kansas will continue to grow and thrive.”

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