President Obama turns back to energy; can RES be next?

With the health care ship finally set sail, the Obama Administration today returned to energy policy, perhaps hoping to begin setting the stage for action in Congress later this year on an energy bill that includes climate change provisions as well as a renewable energy standard (RES).

Obama delivered an energy speech at nearby Andrews Air Force, appearing against a backdrop of a military aircraft, perhaps to emphasize that energy security equals national security.

Obama noted that “America's energy security…has been a priority for my administration since the day I took office,” and reiterated his goal of “doubling our nation's capacity to generate renewable electricity from sources like the wind and the sun.”

He added, “Moving toward clean energy is about our security. It's about our economy. And it's about the future of our planet. And what I hope is that the policies we've laid out – from hybrid fleets to offshore drilling, from nuclear energy to wind energy – underscore the seriousness with which my administration takes this challenge. It's a challenge that requires us to think and act anew. “

Finally, he mentioned the l word–legislation: “I know that we can come together to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation that will foster new industries and millions of new jobs protecting our planet and helping us become more energy independent.”

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