Polls continue to show Americans support wind power

There's no denying it: Americans want more wind power. A recent series of polls in the Midwest continues to show Americans support wind farms and want more of them.

Seven out of 10 Midwesterners believe that renewable energy is a “reliable, affordable option that is an increasing source of good jobs” according to a bipartisan survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies in August.

The survey interviewed over 2,400 Americans in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.        

Here are some of the other stats uncovered by the poll:

  • 80% of respondents believe wind energy will make their state more self-reliant and their source of energy more secure
  • 80% believe the Midwest should move toward cleaner sources of energy
  • 87% support increasing the use of wind energy
  • 95% support increasing energy efficiency

Not only do a majority of Americans support renewable energy – they support candidates who similarly value renewable power.

Two Republican and Democrat polling companies collaborated to survey over 400 Ohio voters and found that voters were twice as likely to favor political candidates who valued investing in renewable energy, rather than relying on coal, gas, and nuclear power alone.

Additional stats include:

Midwestern Americans aren't the only ones to voice their support for wind power and other renewables. An Into the Wind blog earlier this year rounded up a series of polls also showing wind power is widely supported by Americans.

Making sure as many Americans as possible, as soon as possible, get to benefit from wind power's good deal could be in jeopardy however, if wind power doesn't have the stable policy environment it needs to continue to grow.

That's why Congress must extend the Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credit before the end of this year. These policies attract new private investment growing new wind farms across the U.S. and bringing wind power's low-cost technology to more places. These tax incentives create a good return investment by spurring job growth and $15 billion dollars a year in private investment into the economy. It's time for Congress to extend these critical incentives as soon as possible. 

Americans are committed to clean energy. And they want elected leaders who are as well.




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