Our view: Chamber behind times on clean energy

While reaction is mixed to the President's challenge during the State of the Union message last week for America to obtain 80% of its electricity from clean energy sources by 2035, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has come out in firm opposition, planning a so-called “Energy Reality Tour.” Our take was expressed yesterday in a story appearing in the trade newsletter Greenwire:

“'The Chamber of Commerce seems to be good at telling Americans why they cannot have clean energy,' said Peter Kelley, vice president for public affairs at [the] American Wind Energy Association. 'The wind industry is here to tell Americans that they can have clean energy, and we're building a lot of it.'

“While there are regulatory hurdles and some challenges in locating wind farms, Kelley said, those issues aren't blocking expansion. The wind industry grew 40 percent in both 2008 and 2009, he said.

“'I don't think the chamber has caught up with the reality of today's energy business,' Kelley said.”

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