On the Road with GE’s “Capture the Wind” Blade Tour

By Emily Caruso
Renewables Communications Leader
Wind Services & Solar
GE Energy

This week, a 40 meter (131 foot) blade manufactured by Molded Fiber Glass Industries for GE’s 1.5 MW wind turbine began its journey from Aberdeen, South Dakota towards its final destination – Dallas, Texas – in time for Windpower 2010.

The nearly 2500 mile “Capture the Wind” tour is focused on building greater awareness of the benefits of renewable energy technologies, the impact that wind power has on our daily lives, and the need for stable federal policy.

Over the next four weeks, the Capture the Wind tour will make several stops in local communities, encouraging people to show their support for wind energy by signing their names to the blade. Traveling with the blade to document its progress are a photographer and videographer, and, for several of the stops, me.

With the country increasing its focus on energy independence, the timing of this tour could not be better. National awareness of and demand for cleaner, smarter and more efficient energy is on the rise; a fact that was brought home by the eagerness with which the people that have encountered the blade en route when making the pledge “I’m helping to build America’s energy future.”

This tour is taking GE’s blade – and message – to several locations that have benefited from the growth the industry has experienced over the last few years. However, without the adoption of consistent, supportive policy, much of the advancement that we have seen will come to a stand-still, or even possibly be reversed. Conversely, with the right policies put in place, the country could see an acceleration in the creation of manufacturing jobs, increased investments and more rapidly advancing technological innovations.

Today, America has the opportunity to cement a leadership role in the renewable energy industry by making the decision to commit to renewable energy at a national level – a decision that will lead to a more prosperous and competitive economy. As the blade continues to pass from town to town throughout this wind-rich region, we hope to ensure that this goal continues to remain top of mind.

Stay tuned for stories from my trip down through the mid-west towards Texas, and in the meantime, be sure to check in for updates on www.facebook.com/ecomagination and follow our progress on www.capturethewindtour.com.

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