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Each year, AWEA works to identify those companies and individuals that display a passion and dedication to our field that advances us forward through our award program. The AWEA Industry Awards were created to recognize those across all corners of the industry who deserve that acknowledgement and we are asking members of the wind energy industry to submit a nomination to receive an award by August 21. Past awardees have included a wide spectrum of individuals, including leaders, supporters, innovators, and advocates, which reflects the different categories of distinction:

Andrew Linehan Award for Environmental Excellence – Recognizing those in the siting community who exhibit exceptional leadership and enthusiasm and are constantly striving to improve the siting practices of the wind industry, an endeavor that in turn helps to preserve the collective brand image that sets this industry apart from other forms of energy generation.

Outstanding Achievement in Distributed Wind – Given to an individual who has significantly advanced the market for distributed wind applications, either through furthering policy, education, outreach, system testing/certification, research, analysis, product development or deployment.

Outstanding Commercial Achievement Award – Given to an individual or company responsible for outstanding commercial achievement in the areas of new financing structures, contracting, electricity market participation and grid operations, applications of technology, community relations, landowner relations, siting, permitting, and logistics.

Technical Achievement Award – Honoring wind professionals and companies whose technical work and innovation have contributed significantly to the achievement of viable projects that reduce the cost of delivered energy.

Excellence in Operations – Dedicated to an individual or company for excellence in efficient and effective operation of a wind farm. This award winner will have collaborated with others in the wind industry to improve the quality of O&M services.

Utility of the Year – Given to the U.S. electric utility that has done the most to advance wind power’s growth through their actions. The award is presented to the utility that has accomplished the most for wind power in general and done it in a way that benefits other utilities and/or the entire wind energy industry as a result.

Britt Theismann Wind Energy Person of the Year – Honoring a wind professional who has consistently demonstrated strong leadership, integrity, values, vision, commitment to excellence, and commitment to the wind community.

If you know someone who has demonstrated excellence in advancing the industry, please take a few moments to nominate them for this year’s industry awards by August 21. Winners will be announced at the AWEA Wind Energy Fall Symposium, November 3-5 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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