Newspapers call for pro-wind policies across the U.S.

In response to news from the American Wind Energy Association that the wind industry rebounded in 2014, adding nearly 23,000 jobs, several newspapers in states that are reaping the benefits of this homegrown energy source called for pro-wind policies.

In Texas, both the Austin-American Statesman and The Dallas Morning News editorialized against proposed state legislation that would end the successful Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) and the Renewable Portfolio Standard. The Dallas Morning News’ Jim Mitchell agreed in an op-ed. The Austin-American Statesman stated that the wind industry should not be punished for its success, saying “the oil and gas industry also has been wildly successful in Texas but there is no similar serious move toward ending a state tax exemption that saved natural gas drillers more than $7 billion between 2008 and 2013.” The paper instead called for legislators to “set a new target for 2025 and allow the wind industry to mature another decade.” The Dallas Morning News agreed, writing:

Abruptly changing the rules would stifle wind energy investment and discourage some companies from relocating to Texas. Moreover, if the fossil fuels industry still gets more than $1 billion in state incentives, why should lawmakers put the brakes on the youthful renewable energy industry.

To speak up about the bill in Texas, go to Power Of Wind.

The Austin-American Statesman also noted that 2014’s success was attributable to a renewal of the Production Tax Credit in early 2013, and called for a “multiple-year extension” from Congress. In Iowa, The Storm Lake Times agreed, calling for Congress to renew the tax credit “for five years, if not permanently.”

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