New poll finds 73 percent of voters support crucial tax policy for wind

A new poll found that wide majorities of Republicans, Democrats and Independents support keeping the renewable energy Production Tax Credit, the key federal policy support mechanism for wind energy.

The Gotham Research Group poll found 73 percent of registered voters support continuing the Production Tax Credit (PTC), including 63 percent of registered Republicans, 74 percent of Independents, and over 71 percent overall in all regions of the country.

This poll is consistent with previous surveys. A USA TODAY poll in December 2013 similarly found that 73 percent of Americans support continuing tax incentives for renewable energy.

So here’s who you have on the side of the PTC:

  • Hundreds of U.S. businesses who know that wind energy is a smart economic choice
  • Farmers who know that wind energy can help landowners get by
  • Steelworkers and other manufacturing workers who know that wind energy provides high-paying jobs for Americans
  • Major conservation and environmental groups who know that clean wind energy avoids pollution that harms humans and wildlife
  • And 73 percent of American voters with widespread support across party lines and across the country

And here’s who you have opposing it:

It’s no wonder that the Koch brothers have had to create a series of front groups in order to feign the appearance of widespread support.

Special interest groups shouldn’t be able to trump the views of the overwhelming majority of Americans, no matter how much money they spend.

Tell your elected representatives that you agree with 73 percent of Americans that the renewable energy Production Tax Credit should be extended.

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