New documentary film 'Scaling Wind' to premiere Nov. 2 in Utah

Logan, Utah – “Scaling Wind," a new 30-minute documentary film produced by Utah State University marketing professors Cathy Hartman and Edwin Stafford, will premiere at the Intermountain Bioneers  Conference, at the Bridgerland Applied Technology College campus in Logan, Utah, on November 2. 

"Scaling Wind" shows the economic, environmental, and energy security benefits of how America can procure 20 percent of its electricity from domestic wind energy through smart government policies and transmission construction.   Although its progress has been hampered by inconsistent national energy policy, wind energy continues to be one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the country. 

“Iowa, Kansas, and South Dakota are already securing more than 20 percent of their electricity from wind,” said Hartman.  “’Scaling Wind’ shows what these states can teach the nation in creating jobs, expanding domestic manufacturing, and boosting rural economies.”  

President George W. Bush proposed the 20 percent wind vision for America in 2006 after his “America is addicted to oil” State of the Union speech.  The U.S. Department of Energy responded by conducting a comprehensive study to develop a roadmap for overcoming the market, policy, manufacturing, and transmission barriers to achieve this goal.  Findings were published in a 2008 report, “20 Percent Wind By 2030.”  "Scaling Wind" shows how businesses, policymakers, and citizens are working to implement that roadmap in their home states of Utah, Colorado, Montana and Iowa. 

"Scaling Wind" features former President Bush, former Governors Jon Huntsman, Jr. (R-Utah) and Brian Schweitzer (D-Montana), and Governor Terry Branstad (R-Iowa).  It also includes interviews with various energy analysts, business developers, advocates, policymakers, and others working to achieve 20 percent wind.  The film is narrated by retired Major General Michael Lehnert, commander of the U.S. Marine Corps Installations West. 

“We think people will be surprised by the broad bipartisan support renewable energy has at the state level,” Stafford said.   “At a time of divisive politics in Washington, we see Republicans and Democrats working together in their home states to implement long-term energy and economic solutions.”      

The documentary is co-produced with Michelle Nunez of Phoenix Films, based in Louisiana.  The trio’s 2010 documentary "Wind Uprising" ( told the story of the four-year struggle to establish Utah’s first wind power project in Spanish Fork.  That film won two film festival awards and has been screened over 150 times at energy and policy conferences, universities and communities across the country.  "Scaling Wind" will be released nationally in 2014.  

Intermountain Bioneers is a two-day conference to be held Nov 1-2.  Registration is $25 for both days, and $10 for one day.  Information is available at

Photo credit: First Wind – Milford, Utah


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