Most popular session at WINDPOWER returns

Year in and year out, the biggest question at WINDPOWER is how much wind will be built over the next year, or five years, or even the next decade? You can find out at this year’s U.S. Wind Energy Market Forecasts: Where, When and How Much session.

The policy landscape for wind energy has never seen such long-term stability, thanks to the multiyear extension of the Production Tax Credit at the end of 2015.

On the other hand, until early February, the EPA’s Clean Power Plan was moving as planned. However, the Supreme Court’s stay introduces a degree of uncertainty about the rule’s future.

Aside from policy, the economics of wind continue to improve, increasing its competitiveness in markets across the country. As developers, manufacturers, and other industry players consider these and other factors impacting wind power’s deployment, a host of consultants have made it their business to read the headwinds of the market and provide sophisticated forecasts.

WINDPOWER will gather these consulting experts for a 75-minute interactive session, asking them to present, defend and debate their view of market growth, while providing insight into regional drivers and timing.

Attendees will gain insights on

  • market magnitude;
  • growth opportunities in new project development;
  • market and policy factor, including natural gas and power prices;
  • the evolving cost of wind energy,
  • retiring coal plants, and
  • federal tax policy, state policy, and the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

These industry influencing factors will all be covered to provide a clear view of the market dynamics facing the industry.

The experts include:

  1. Dan Shreve, Partner, MAKE Consulting
  2. David Hostert, Head of Wind Energy Research, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  3. Bruce Hamilton, Director, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
  4. Matt DaPrato, Associate Director, HIS Emerging Energy Research

The session is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24 from 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM. I will be your moderator for the event and will do my best to challenge our panel to provide as clear a view as possible on the future U.S. wind energy market. To ensure you don’t miss out on this information-packed session, register for WINDPOWER today!

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