Moniz: Wind power changing our “energy geography”

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz said “wind [power] is changing our energy geography” during the Center for American Progress’s Upgrading America’s Infrastructure event in Washington, D.C. today. The event focused on how federal policymakers can update America’s infrastructure to create jobs, protect public health and grow greater access to renewable energy like wind power.


In the past, we got coal to market by putting it on a train and moving it to a coal plant. Natural gas got to market through pipelines. The same process applies to renewable energy. Upgrading our nation’s grid and building new transmission will deliver more low-cost wind power to the densely-populated cities where it’s needed the most, helping wind stay on track to hit the Department of Energy’s Wind Vision scenario and supplying 20 percent of U.S. electricity by 2030.

Secretary Moniz also noted how important the grid is to our broader infrastructure in the U.S., helping to keep our economy vibrant.

Moniz also said upgrading our infrastructure is good for job creation:

You can follow today’s comments with the hashtag #UpgradingUS on Twitter. The event is broadcasting live on YouTube until 3 pm. Click play below to watch:

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