It’s a long climb to the top: AWEA Fitness for Work Guidelines

Have you seen how tall wind turbines are? Climbing to the top requires good physical fitness! That’s why the AWEA Fitness for Work Task Force has developed the new AWEA Fitness for Work document. This new resource helps employers establish and maintain guidelines to identify the fitness for work condition of wind technicians working onshore.

These new guidelines provide industry best practices to help employers and employees maintain the physical condition needed to work in the wind industry.

“Having a Fitness for Work program is a win/win,” notes Len Tully, Chair of the Task Force. “A potential candidate takes away the confidence that they can do the job and they get a good feel for what the expectations will be.”

“Requirements of your own internal Fitness for Work program may vary depending on what your company specializes in, however, the minimum practices detailed within the AWEA Fitness for Work Guidelines should be considered,” said Ryan Dove, a member of the Task Force. “The Fitness for Work programs in which companies develop based on these guidelines should not only encompass the minimum physical standards for the routine job tasks your company performs but also guidance on proper return to work protocol and management roles pertaining to this program.”

The Fitness for Work Guidelines document includes best practices, a new hire fitness assessment process flow chart, and a sample pre-climb fitness self-certification form. Check it out today as you get ready for the long climb up!

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