Let’s have a wind farm wedding

Emilie Hale is a wind energy enthusiast who decided a wind farm would be the perfect venue for her wedding.

Awesome – that’s the feeling we experience when we think of wind turbines, wind farms, and wind energy. To us, they are awesome in the true sense of the word, creating a magical, overwhelming, exciting feeling.

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Our wind-themed wedding cake.

From the moment we first saw a wind farm, driving through Indiana in 2010, we were instantly struck by the scene. We were in awe of the massive turbines, mesmerized by how beautiful they looked spread out across the landscape.

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The big moment.

After that, we were drawn to wind farms and started exploring local projects in Michigan and Ohio. It was amazing how big the turbines really are in person. Their size, design, and the important, clean energy they generate are what excited us most.

From that point on, wind farms sort of became “our thing,” – we loved driving through them and would always stop to admire the towering turbines while soaking up the beauty. Our interest in wind farms also inspired us to learn more about climate change and environmental concerns, and we became proponents of clean, renewable energy.

My husband and I always knew that we wanted to have a unique wedding, and when we got engaged we decided that we wanted to share our love of wind farms with our guests on our special day.

Once we settled on the idea of having a “wind farm wedding,” we had to find somewhere to have it! We ran into some difficulty finding a venue, but we didn’t want to give up on our vision.

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The wedding party.

Finally, we found Windswept Farms, a rental farmhouse near Ludington, Michigan on the Lake Winds Energy Park Wind Farm. The property is typically rented out as a vacation spot, and events are allowed, although we were the first wedding on the farm! The owners, Kathy and Ola, were so wonderful in working with us and helping make our dreams of a wind farm wedding come to life.

My husband and I are so thankful for a beautiful wedding day at such a perfect venue. We loved hearing our guests admire the turbines and appreciate their beauty and value as an energy source. (Lots of wind turbine selfies were taken!)

Currently, we live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and are enjoying our first year as husband and wife! Andrew is finishing up a PhD program at Western Michigan University, and I work as a Hospice Social Worker. We look forward to a long life together and enjoy promoting wind power!

Inspired to share why you love wind energy? Throughout February 2016, the American Wind Energy Association and Power of Wind encourage you to post a photo with in “I Heart Wind” sign on social media with the tag #iheartwind. Download the poster here: http://powerofwind.com/iheartwind

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We loved our wind farm wedding.

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