KidWind Challenge' at WP10: Turbine Designs

With the support of AWEA and wind industry sponsors, WINDPOWER will host its first ever KidWind Challenge–a competition where you (and the kids) can design, build and test turbine blades in an actual wind tunnel!

Participants will test their turbines in the KidWind Wind Tunnel, a professional wind tunnel with live data monitoring software recording their turbine power output. Come watch as middle and high school students test their engineering and scientific prowess as they build the most powerful and elegant student wind turbines ever constructed… at least, the most powerful and elegant under 4 feet tall. Student events will be held on Monday and Tuesday of the conference.

The students don’t get to have all the fun, though. WINDPOWER participants are invited to come on Sunday and Wednesday to see how your turbine-building skills match up to your competitors’. Prizes will be awarded to all winners. May the best turbine win!

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