Keep Wind In Texas

We need your voice today.  Texas is a leader in wind energy in part because of an innovative economic development program called the Texas Economic Development Act, or Chapter 313.  Wind is just one industry that has taken advantage of this program, geared toward allowing local governments to entice investment to their districts.
Under the Chapter 313 program, companies can apply for a temporary reduction in their property taxes in exchange for a commitment to make a major capital investment.  This helps lure projects to Texas that otherwise might have gone to Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, or other states.  Many states offer incentives for wind development and some don't impose a property tax on wind projects.  Texas needs Chapter 313 to remain competitive as a location for wind development.
TOMORROW, two important pieces of legislation are being heard in the Texas legislature.
HB 3390 introduced by Representative Harvey Hilderbran will be heard in the Texas House, and  SB1647 introduced by Senator Bob Deuell will be heard in the Texas Senate.
Each of these bills will renew Chapter 313, which is slated to expire in 2014.  We need your help to see that wind is included in the future. 

Please email your State Senator and State Representative TODAY and urge them to:

  • keep wind in Chapter 313 so that wind can keep growing here; and
  • keep decision making in local communities so that local school districts and counties can negotiate with wind developers to get the best deal for taxpayers and developers.

Thank you for your help.


Since 2000, Texas has attracted $24 billion in wind energy investments to 56 Texas counties – investments that are growing the economy and creating jobs.   According to the Texas Governor’s Renewable Energy Industry Report, the wind industries employ nearly 26,000 people in Texas.  Wind energy projects create new jobs including meteorologists, surveyors, structural engineers, assembly workers, electrical workers, construction workers, lawyers, bankers, and technicians.

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