Keep Wind Blowing in Wisconsin

Help Us Keep Wind Blowing in Wisconsin
Since Wisconsin established its first RPS in 1999, it has benefitted from the economic development the wind industry brought into the state. In the past 10 years, over 600 Megawatts of wind energy has been installed, creating hundreds of manufacturing and construction jobs around the state and providing landowners and municipalities with supplemental sources of income.
However, this economic development is threatened by a new Senate Bill that would make Wisconsin less competitive for wind energy development. Senator Frank Lasee (R – De Pere) recently introduced Senate Bill 71 that would allow a municipality to enact an ordinance more restrictive than the current statewide standard (PSC 128) for wind siting rules.  Senator Lasee’s bill would create an environment where wind energy companies would be subject to a patchwork of regulations around the state. This uncertainty would increase the difficulty and cost of developing a wind farm.
Before the bill is heard on Wednesday, we need your help contacting your state senator today and urging them to oppose a bill that would stop future economic development the wind industry brings to Wisconsin. Let them know that for Wisconsin to remain competitive in the growing clean energy industry, it is important that we have a stable regulatory foundation in place so these businesses can confidently invest in our state.
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