iPads for turbine technicians: Apple understands wind power shares company’s spirit of innovation

These days you see iPads being used as a cash register, a credit-card swiper, a means of filling out applications and other forms, and in a whole host of other business functions. Now you’ll also find them atop wind turbines. And Apple is happy to boast about that.

As described right on Apple’s website, wind turbine technicians in Siemens Energy’s wind service division are now using iPads out in the field.  States Apple, “Before iPad, technicians needed multiple binders, service manuals, and electrical plans–over a thousand pages of materials–craned up to them before they could begin maintenance or repairs. And that didn’t include laptops or additional supporting materials they might need. Now iPad puts every document in a portable device that’s easy for the technicians to access in their tight workspace.”

Aside from the fact that this news highlights a helpful new tool on the operation-and-maintenance side of the business, what’s notable from a wind energy perspective is that Apple is making something of a big deal of it. Sure, many companies have used wind turbines in ads, and hopefully they’ll continue to do so. It’s a good idea to align yourself with American wind power because it proves to be a favorite energy source in just about any survey of Americans.

But the Apple connection means a little more, it seems. Apple, the iconic company of innovation and cool design, is eager to boast about its connection to the industry. When you think about it, though, it’s not one bit surprising. A design driven by clean lines … a spirit of innovation … tapping the latest technology to make the world better. You could say all of those things whether you’re talking about Apple or wind power. Yes, Apple and wind seem to fit quite nicely, thank you. See for yourself.

Photo credit: David K. Clarke

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