America can get 20% of its electricity from the wind by 2030, a projection from the George W. Bush administration1 which the U.S. Department of Energy is currently updating all the way to 2050.

  • Wind energy has become a new drought-resistant cash crop for America's family farmers and ranchers, using no water, and paying millions of dollars a year in lease payments and local taxes in the typical state.
  • A diverse portfolio helps insulate consumers from price shocks when prices for fuel go up. Wind energy requires no fuel but the wind, which is free.
  • Since 2008, wind has driven over $100 billion of private investment into the U.S. economy.
  • American wind power fosters economic development in all 50 states2.
  • Enough electricity to power 20% of the grid could be obtained from a land area the size of Anchorage, Alaska, while leaving 98-99% of a property-owner's surrounding land free for other uses such as farming, ranching, wildlife habitat, and recreation.



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