Here’s one thing all Americans agree on

I think we’re officially past the trend stage.

After nine months of new data all pointing to the same conclusion, it’s now simply a fact: no matter where they live or who they voted for, most Americans want more of their electricity to come from wind power.

The latest evidence

The latest proof of wind energy’s bipartisan support came earlier this week, when Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies released new survey results. Among their key findings:

  • 75 percent of President-elect Trump voters support “action to accelerate the deployment and use of clean energy.”
  • 70 percent of survey respondents want to see more wind farms built.
  • 75 percent of Trump voters either want to continue wind power’s current growth rate or see it increase even faster.
Trump supporters
Courtesy of GreenTech Media.

What they’re saying

What’s behind this cross-cutting support?

“When Republicans hear the phrase ‘clean energy,’ they think of solar and wind power. They say it is non-polluting and leads to clean air and renewable energy,” said strategist Glen Bolger.

And in an open letter to the president-elect published in the Washington Examiner, Young Conservatives for Energy Reform founder and chairman Michele Combs explained,

“America’s heartland, a region that wholeheartedly embraced your message at the ballot box, provides us with the skillset and manpower to be a leader in manufacturing the energy technology of tomorrow. Michigan and Ohio are home to a growing number of companies that produce resources for wind and solar energy production, providing thousands of jobs for hardworking folks in these statesI hope that you will join me and Young Conservatives for Energy Reform in our desire to help you make our country great again by making us a leader in clean energy. ”

Since the majority of wind farms are in Republican-controlled Congressional districts, it’s no surprise that conservative audiences support wind power. They get to see its job-creating, economy-boosting, low-cost attributes firsthand.



Learn more about how wind benefits rural communities and creates well-paying manufacturing jobs in this video:

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