Global forecast: Wind capacity will triple in five years

Wind industry leaders from around the world are gathering at the European Wind Energy Conference in Marseilles this week, where they are going to hear at least some good news, despite the global economic woes: wind capacity is still growing and will continue on that path.

The report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Global Wind 2008 Report, predicts that in 2013, five years from now, global wind generating capacity will stand at 332 GW, up from 120 GW at the end of 2008.

“Strong policy support for wind power will continue to drive growth in our three main markets: China, Europe and the U.S.  Governments are turning the current crisis into an opportunity, putting wind power at the center of their economic stimulus and recovery programmes,” said Steve Sawyer, GWEC's Secretary General. “This will create many thousands of jobs, improve energy security and help address the climate crisis.”

“Of course the financial crisis is affecting the wind energy industry, just like any other sector.  At the same time the outlook for wind energy is very healthy,” said GWEC Chairman Arthouros Zervos. “All of the fundamental drivers that have made wind power the technology of choice for those seeking to build a secure, clean energy future are still in place.  Wind power is clean, indigenous, fast to deploy, creates many jobs, uses virtually no water and is economically competitive.  Neither the threat of climate change nor the macroeconomic insecurity due to reliance on imported fossil fuel is going to go away because of the recession.”


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