EWEA study: Wind energy cuts carbon emissions, electricity prices

A new independent study conducted for the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) found that wind energy reduces carbon emissions and electricity prices.

The independent study used data collected in Germany, Denmark and Belgium.

“It has already been well-established that wind reduces CO2 emissions,” said Christian Kjaer, EWEA’s Chief Executive. “But now we have stronger evidence than ever before that wind power also reduces electricity prices for consumers. The message is clear – if you want affordable CO2-free electricity, increase the amount of wind power in your electricity mix.”

A principal argument for increasing wind energy in the United States has been that it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and put downward pressure on electricity prices. The EWEA study presents empirical evidence to back up this argument. A Bloomberg article on the study noted that savings for German consumers as a result of wind have already reached as high as 5 billion Euros in one year.

The EWEA study can be downloaded here

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