Editorial: How serious is threat to birds?

"Wind farm sites are checked by experts and conservationists to determine their possible impact on the environment, including local and migratory birds, according to officials with the Nebraska Public Power District and Mid-American Energy Co. An NPPD spokesman said the utility monitors bird kills at its wind sites but hasnʼt seen anything significant. The agency hasnʼt heard of any endangered species being killed at the stateʼs wind farms."–excerpt from Omaha World-Herald editorial on bird collisions at wind farms.

Just to provide a bit of additional perspective: The U.S. wind industry participated for two and a half years in good faith discussions with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, state wildlife agencies, expert biologists, and environmental and wildlife organizations in order to come up with unanimous recommendations from all participants to the Secretary of the Interior for the siting of wind energy facilities. The recommendations were supported by widely-respected wildlife organizations, including the well-known bird conservation organization the National Audubon Society, Mass Audubon, Defenders of Wildlife, and The Nature Conservancy. The wind industry strongly supports the recommendations made to the Secretary, which will hold our industry to higher standards than any other industry when it comes to actions to avoid and minimize wildlife impacts from development.

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