Don’t let Congress stall wind power in 2015

After last week’s elections, I’d understand if you think this Congress has missed its chance to get things right.

But one choice current Members of Congress make between today and the end of the year will make a huge difference in bringing affordable wind power to American families in 2015.

That’s where you come in and why I’m asking you to send one quick but crucial letter to Congress today.

Here’s what’s at stake: If Congress chooses to extend two common-sense energy policies – the production tax credit and investment tax credit – before the end of the year, wind power is poised to provide more clean and affordable energy to Americans than ever before. If they let them expire, we could repeat what happened last year, when Congress let the policies lapse and we lost a devastating 92 percent of wind power’s growth.

The pro-wind votes are there now, so we must take action to make sure Congress doesn’t leave town without providing an extension.

Our goal is to send 50,000 letters, phone calls and Tweets to Congress from today until December 12th – when Congress is expected to wrap up – to unlock the promise of wind in 2015.

Your voice can make a huge difference. Will you write to your Representative and Senators today?

If we succeed, American families stand to benefit from some pretty exciting wind power trends:

  • Wind power prices are coming down fast – In the past five years, the cost of wind power has dropped by over 50 percent—and is still decreasing!
  • Wind is reaching more and more families – Wind power has delivered a third of all new generating capacity over the past five years, and a record amount of new projects are under construction.

With our families’ health and thousands of jobs at stake, we can’t afford to throw this progress away. The wind is at our back: Please write to your legislators today.

Thank you for standing with us at this critical moment! In the coming weeks, we’ll be in touch to share our progress and provide more ways you can play a crucial role in unleashing the power of wind.

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