#AmericanWindWeek: Wind powers opportunities for job creation

Welcome to Day 3 of #AmericanWindWeek! Today we’re celebrating wind-powered career opportunities– wind is helping workers in all 50 states pursue the American Dream!

A record 114,000 Americans now work in wind. In the last five years, the country has added over 64,000 wind jobs, and right now wind turbine technician is the second fastest growing job in the country according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Over 57,000 wind turbines churn our electricity across the U.S., and each one is the product of a skilled workforce consisting of wind technicians, field managers, engineers, warranty teams, construction workers, control room operators, trained analysts and many other positions. Many wind jobs can also be found at more than 500 U.S. factories that build wind-related parts and materials. Wind is creating next-generation manufacturing jobs in long-time factory strongholds– in Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania alone, there are 123 manufacturing facilities.

This week, Americans are touring wind farms to learn more about the people that operate them and how they get the job done. To see if there’s a wind farm tour near you, check out our events page!

So today, we’d like to thank all the hard-working Americans for playing their part in building out an affordable and renewable energy resource, which, in turn, secures future economic stability and prosperity for America. Wind is powering career opportunities from coast to coast and across the Heartland.

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