Stay safe out there: Announcing our “Take time to care” campaign

Safety training and awareness campaigns are at the forefront of AWEA’s priorities, so we’re pleased to announce AWEA’s 3rd annual October safety campaign “Take Time to Take Care.” Focusing on soft tissue injury prevention, this year’s safety campaign addresses the importance to wind techs’ occupational health and safety of proper stretching and body positioning. We want every wind worker to do their job in a safe and healthy fashion.

Many activities can lead to soft-tissue damage of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. We’re providing a variety of materials to help your team stay healthy and safe, including a training module, stretching poster, and two webinars. Use these tools to educate your team on the importance of stretching, body positioning, and fitness amid the rigors of climbing and maintaining wind turbines. We encourage you to “Take Time to Take Care” throughout the year using these materials and AWEA’s past campaign materials for 2016’s “Arrive Alive” campaign and 2015’s “Stop the Drop” campaign.

Thanks to the hard work of the AWEA Safety Campaign Subcommittee and the Environmental, Health, and Safety Committee for their tireless work on this campaign and their contributions to the industry to ensure wind technicians are safe in their jobs.

And thank you for joining with AWEA in this important work– stay safe out there!

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