WINDPOWER 2017: What’s happening in Congress?

This guest post was authored by J.C. Sandberg, Director, Global Government Affairs & Policy – Renewable Energy, GE Energy.

Next Tuesday at 3:30pm, I’ll be moderating a panel at AWEA’s WINDPOWER conference entitled, “Making the Case for America’s Wind Industry in Congress: Opportunities and Challenges.”

We all hear a lot coming out of Washington these days, but what does it mean for our industry? Our panelists will cut through the noise and give you some context to better understand Congress’s agenda and what we can realistically expect this year. We’ll also update you on policy issues surrounding wind energy and discuss how we can all better promote our industry to our elected representatives.

I know tax reform is on everyone’s mind, and I’m looking forward to a robust conversation with my three panelists who will bring unique perspectives on how tax reform could impact how we do business.

  • Curtis Beaulieu from Bracewell LLP is a former Capitol Hill tax counsel who knows the players and the politics behind the current tax reform efforts.
  • Aaron Severn, Senior Director of Federal Legislative Affairs at AWEA, and a former Hill aide, will help us better understand how AWEA is engaging key players and getting our priorities heard on the Hill.
  • Finally, Virinder Singh, Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs at EDF Renewable Energy, is leading his company’s efforts to influence Members of Congress back home in their districts. He’ll share valuable insights about how each of us can shape our representatives’ positions on wind energy to help drive our agenda forward.

We are clearly in a time that presents both opportunities and challenges for our industry. I look forward to your questions and the panelists’ debate as we try and navigate this unpredictable political landscape. You won’t want to miss this important discussion. Be sure to stop by the Thought Leader Theater next Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30.

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