Lisa Ghali

Training and Development Manager

Lisa Ghali is the Training and Development Manager at American Clean Power Association. Lisa is primarily responsible for optimizing the ACP team by maintaining a strong and authentic culture by overseeing recruitment, onboarding, staff training and development, team building, staff engagement, well-being initiatives, and by conducting diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) activities. Lisa has extensive experience in working in a variety of capacities and settings, enabling her to have a multifaceted perspective on her approach to work. She is most passionate about training and development as she enjoys growing and developing people and organizations, likely from her background in both clinical and macro social work from her Master’s program at New York University. Lisa spent eleven years at the Red Cross, where she cultivated her skills in training, development and program management. She has designed and facilitated an ongoing Management Skills workshop for the last seven years through a global membership organization and continues her work today, bringing out the best people, business and culture. 

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