Christine “Teena” Seigo

Vice President, Finance

As Vice President, Finance at ACP Christine “Teena” Seigo leads the Finance team, which is responsible for a wide range of activities such as daily transactions (cash management, AP, AR, Payroll, Investments, Fixed Assets), Financial Statements, and Budgets.  Analysis of the organization’s current position and strategic planning of long-term financial goals is a major focus for this team.  This department lives for the numbers!

Teena came to ACP with a broad range of experience in the accounting and finance fields. After twenty years leading her own CPA practice working with public and private entities and individuals, specializing in corporate and individual taxation, she went on to work for organizations that had missions she felt passionate about.  Those organizations included The Hartwood Foundation, Center for Clean Air Policy, American Wind Energy Association and now American Clean Power Association.

Outside of ACP Teena “walks the talk” with solar panels, Tesla Powerwall, an electric automobile, electric lawn mower, e-bike and other renewable and conservation efforts.   Another passion is music, attending many concerts of all genres and venues, from the Kennedy Center to the 9:30 Club to the small local clubs in the DC area.

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