Clean Power Campaign Affiliates

  • Iberdrola Renewables
    Iberdrola Renewables, an Oregon-based company, specializes in providing alternative energy solutions to large corporate customers. Iberdrola Renewables is able to work with wind energy, natural gas, energy and asset management, and fuel procurement. Iberdrola Renewables is unique in its ability to make available a wide variety of services and products to meet a customer’s specific needs.
  • MidAmerican Energy
    In 1971, CalEnergy Company, Inc. was established as a developer of geothermal power production facilities in North America. CalEnergy continued this strategy in 1998 with its’ acquisition by MidAmerican Energy, a successful regional retail energy provider in the United States. The company was reorganized as MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company in March 1999. MidAmerican Energy Company is the largest utility in Iowa and provides service to more than 706,000 electric customers and more than 687,000 natural gas customers from Sioux Falls, SD to the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois. In the process it has become one of the nation’s leading wind energy producers.
  • GE Wind Energy
    General Electric installed its first steam turbine in 1901. Its installed base of steam and heavy-duty gas turbines has grown to over 10,000 units, representing over a million megawatts (MW) of installed capacity in more than 120 countries. With over 5,500 wind and 3,600 hydro turbines, the installed capacity of renewable energy exceeds 160,000 MW and is rapidly growing. GE Wind is a major supplier of wind power turbines.
  • NextEra Energy Resources, LLC
    NextEra Energy Resources has power generating facilities in 26 states and Canada, and is the largest generator of wind and solar power in North America. More than 90 percent of NextEra Energy Resources generation in California is renewable — wind turbines in Tehachapi and Altamont Pass, the world’s largest solar energy facility in Barstow, and three geothermal properties in Costa Mesa. NextEra Energy is an FPL Group company.
  • First Solar, Inc
    First Solar, the world’s leading manufacturer of thin-film photovoltaic modules, is providing sustainable energy solutions for today’s energy needs. By constantly decreasing manufacturing costs, it is creating an affordable and environmentally responsible alternative to fossil-fuel generation. It has achieved the lowest manufacturing cost per watt in the industry, breaking $1 per watt in 2008.
  • EnXco Wind
    enXco has extensive experience and competencies gained over more than twenty years across a spectrum of services. enXco’s renewable energy portfolio consists of over 30 renewable energy projects in 13 states, with additional developments in Mexico and Canada. Its Operations and Maintenance Team, the largest North American provider of third-party O&M, services over 5,200 turbines generating over 4,600 MW of electricity. It has successfully developed 26 wind projects generating nearly 2 GW and 8 solar projects generating over 45 MW.
  • EDP Renewables/Horizon Wind Energy LLC
    Horizon Wind Energy, formerly Zilkha Renewable Energy, develops, constructs, owns and operates wind farms throughout North America.. Based in Houston with over 20 offices and over 20 wind farms across the United States, Horizon has developed more than 3,400 MW and operates over 2,800 MW of wind farms. Horizon is owned by EDP Renováveis S.A., a global leader in the renewable energy sector that designs, develops, manages and operates power plants that generate electricity using renewable energy sources.
  • Solar Trust of America, LLC
    Solar Trust of America was formed in 2009 to address America’s critical need for clean, renewable energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel power production. Solar Trust, a member of energy pioneer Solar Millennium AG’s corporate family, was created to pursue the development and construction of utility-size solar power plants in the United States.
  • Vestas America
    Vestas started to manufacture wind turbines in 1979, and has played an active role in this dynamic industry ever since. In 1987, Vestas began to concentrate exclusively on wind energy and since then, the company has developed from a pioneer in the industry with a staff of around 60 to a global high-tech market-leading group with more than 9,500 employees. Vestas has installed 41,000 turbines on behalf of its customers in 65 countries.
  • UTC Power
    UTC Power, a unit of United Technologies Corp., based in South Windsor, Conn., is a world leader in developing and producing fuel cells that generate energy for buildings and for transportation, space and defense applications.
  • BrightSource Energy Inc.
    BrightSource Energy, Inc. develops, builds, owns, and operates large-scale solar plants that reliably deliver low-cost solar energy to industrial and utility companies worldwide. BrightSource Energy’s proprietary Luz Power Tower (LPT) 550 technology seeks to offer the highest operating efficiencies and lowest capital costs in the industry. Its solar plants are designed to minimize environmental impact and help custom¬ers reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. When completed, their Ivanpah project in California’s Mojave Desert will be the largest solar thermal plant in the world.
  • Geothermal Energy Association (GEA)
    The Geothermal Energy Association is a trade association composed of U.S. companies who support the expanded use of geothermal energy and are developing geothermal Resources worldwide for electrical power generation and direct-heat uses. Our members have offices or operations in many states and in numerous countries throughout the world. To accomplish this, the GEA advocates for public policies that will promote the development and utilization of geothermal Resources, provides a forum for the industry to discuss issues and problems, encourages research and development to improve geothermal technologies, presents industry views to governmental organizations, provides assistance for the export of geothermal goods and services, compiles statistical data about the geothermal industry, and conducts education and outreach projects.
  • Abengoa Solar
    Abengoa Solar develops and applies technologies to generate electricity from the sun, working to limit climate change and to develop local communities using mostly concentrating solar thermal, but also photovoltaic technologies.
  • Ormat Technologies Inc
    Ormat Technologies Inc. is a world leader in the geothermal power plant sector, and has over four decades of experience in geothermal and recovered energy generation. Ormat is today’s only vertically-integrated provider of geothermal and recovered energy-based equipment, services and power that designs, develops, builds and manufactures most of the equipment used in its plants. Ormat has installed approximately 1,300 MW of geothermal and recovered energy generation power plants worldwide.
  • Oak Creek Energy Systems Inc.
    Oak Creek Energy Systems is a wind energy pioneer, beginning with one of the first wind farms built in California in early 1982. The company has played an active role in the wind energy industry and worked to advance major transmission improvements in California. 4,500 MW of new transmission capacity has already been approved for the Tehachapi area, Oak Creek having a major portion of that capacity and an extensive pipeline of large-scale projects with development through 2015. Oak Creek operates approximately 180 wind turbines between Tehachapi and Mojave in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area. In 2010 Oak Creek was acquired by Ridgetop Energy LLC.
  • Kyocera Solar
    Kyocera’s global operations include a diverse range of products: advanced materials, components, devices, equipment, networks and services.
  • SolarWorld USA
    With more than 3,600 employees, the SolarWorld group is one of the world’s largest solar energy businesses. SolarWorld’s family of companies dedicates itself exclusively to the business of solar energy, combining all stages of the photovoltaic value chain, from the raw material silicon to turn-key solar power plants. SolarWorld operates production facilities in the United States and Germany as well as sales offices around the world.
  • Element Power
    Element Power is a global renewable energy company that develops, acquires, builds and operates utility-scale wind and solar power projects. Owned by Hudson Clean Energy Partners, a leading global private equity firm dedicated solely to investing in renewable power, alternative fuels, energy efficiency and storage, Element Power is pursuing projects in the European, North American, and South American energy markets.
  • NRG Solar
    At NRG Solar, the technology behind every solar project also forms the foundation for new partnerships and investment opportunities. As one of the leaders of large commercial, industrial and utility-grade solutions, our team is here for yours. Standing behind all this is the strength, stability and resources of our parent company, NRG Energy, we’re part of one of America’s largest Fortune 500 companies. Our heritage also includes the solar experience, expertise and creative flexibility of Solar Power Partners, acquired by NRG Solar in 2011.
  • FlexEnergy
    FlexEnergy Inc is committed to clean energy for the planet by designing and building powerful solutions for eliminating greenhouse gases and generating clean energy for generations to come.
  • Comverge
    Comverge takes the risk out of implementing complex energy management programs by leveraging our deep understanding of customer challenges and requirements. With more than 500 utility and 2,100 commercial and industrial customers, five million deployed residential devices, and over 10,000 metering points, Comverge brings unparalleled industry knowledge and experience to offer the most reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective intelligent energy management solutions.
  • Ram Power LLC
    Ram Power, Corp (“Ram Power”) is in the business of developing, owning, and operating clean, sustainable, renewable geothermal energy projects in North and South America. Currently, the Company is operating a 10 MW facility in Nicaragua on the San Jacinto-Tizate site (SJT-I) with another project (72 MW SJT-II) under construction and backed by power purchase agreements. With a pipeline of projects totaling 634 MW in the U.S. (California, Nevada), Nicaragua, and Canada (British Columbia) for future development, Ram Power’s goal is to become a world leader in geothermal power production.
  • ICE Energy
    Ice Energy is a leading provider of advanced energy storage and smart grid solutions to the electric utility industry. Ice, which is based in Colorado with offices in Orange County and Northern California, is dedicated to transforming energy system efficiency and improving grid reliability by using distributed energy storage to promote energy efficiency and renewable resources, and enabling the transition to a cleaner, smarter, more sustainable and more affordable power grid.
  • California Solar Energy Industries Assn (CAL SEIA)
    The California Energy Industries Association (CAL SEIA) was founded in 1977 as a nonprofit solar industry trade association organized by professionals of the solar energy industry, which includes small-scale solar thermal, photovoltaic, and solar thermal electric technology companies or others doing solar-related business in California. CAL SEIA supports the widespread adoption of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems by educating consumers, supporting solar policies, and conducting business in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
    The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is a national nonprofit environmental organization. NRDC has more than 350,000 members and contributors nationwide, and a staff of lawyers, scientists, and other environmental specialists. NRDC’s Energy Program works on the reinvention of the electric industry by helping to rewrite the rules of electric competition; works for the adoption of energy-efficient codes for appliances and buildings; and promotes renewable energy technologies and design standards for “green” buildings. It also works on issues of sustainable land use; clean vehicles, and clean transportation infrastructure/smart transit.
  • Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
    Environmental Defense Fund is a leading national environmental organization representing more than 400,000 members. Since 1967, EDF has linked science, economics and law to create innovative, equitable and cost-effective solutions to society’s most urgent environmental problems. EDF is one of America’s most influential environmental advocacy groups, with over 500,000 members and more than 350 scientists, economists, attorneys and other professionals on staff.
  • Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
    UCS was founded in 1969 by faculty members and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who were concerned about the misuse of science and technology in society. Their statement called for the redirection of scientific research to pressing environmental and social problems. UCS is an independent nonprofit alliance of more than 100,000 concerned citizens and scientists. It augments rigorous scientific analysis with innovative thinking and committed citizen advocacy to build a cleaner, healthier environment and a safer world.
  • Sierra Club
    We are America’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. Inspired by nature, we are 1.4 million of your friends and neighbors, working together to protect our communities and the planet.
  • Environment California
    Environment California is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Our professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results for California’s environment. Environment California draws on 30 years of success in tackling our state’s top environmental problems.
  • American Lung Association of California
    he American Lung Association in California saves lives and improves the health of Californians and their lungs. Through research, education and advocacy, we fight to reduce smoking, keep the air we breathe clean, prevent and treat lung diseases such as asthma and COPD, and eliminate lung cancer.